AGILE with a clear process

We will work as agile as possible, but with a fixed framework. Therefore, our focus is on high professionalism, development and involvement in our projects.

Our baseline is always the Microsoft Dynamic Sure Step method. It is the official Microsoft Software process for Dynamics-projects, that takes its starting point in best practice, so there is always an overview of milestones, roles and responsibilities.

PROJEct method in six phases

The Sure Step method consists of six phases, each with a set of predefined activities and tasks. The following is our guide for a project, based on Sure Step that can be scaled depending on the requirements for each individual project.


Helps clarify, delimit and build understanding of the client’s overall business needs and goals. The result is a clear documentation of the scope of the client’s project, including a definition of the situation that is being changed, what goals are being worked towards, and the motivation behind it. SolutionsHouse’s role, responsibility and deliverance in the project are attuned, and other actors and their roles and responsibilities are defined. Where it is relevant, a description is formulated of the business processes that are covered in the project and which solution architecture that is the basis for the following analysis. The project steering group is established. The overall schedule, collaboration format, deliverance team and budget are attuned.


The client’s project participants are prepared with relevant general training in the solution architecture’s components.

The client’s overall business processes and requirements to the delivery by SolutionHouse is reviewed and documented as needed. A solution draft is compiled and reviewed/tested in close/agile collaboration with the client, who takes responsibility for preliminary decisions, on the overall setup and possible development of custom solutions. The solution’s architecture is reevaluated and settled. Activities required to complete the remainder of the project are defined and estimated. The overall schedule and budget are reevaluated.


The client’s project participation is prepared through relevant and detailed training in the standard components of the solution architecture.

The chosen solution architecture and the overall solution drafts are formulated in a detailed manor and any required prototypes are developed. The client’s retail processes and requirements of the deliverance by SolutionHouse are reviewed and documented as needed. Descriptions of retail solutions are developed and evaluated/tested in close/agile collaboration with the client, who makes the responsibility for tentative decisions about the detailed setup and development of possible customizations. The customizations are designed and estimated. Activities required to complete the remainder of the project are reevaluated and estimated. The overall schedule and budget are reevaluated.

Configuration of the complete Microsoft Dynamics solution and design of specific and necessary customizations that satisfies the business requirements identified in the analysis.


The established solution architecture is setup in a test environment. Approved customizations are developed, implemented and the detailed configuration is performed. Test data is imported or typed. Customizations are developed and transferred. The client performs tests of select functions and customizations.

The system components defined and approved in the design specifications are built and tested. This includes development of customizations, integrations, user interfaces, and data migration processes.


Implementation phase where all efforts are collected into a successful transfer into the new Microsoft Dynamics solution. The most important activities in this phase includes end user training, test of user acceptance and actual transition into the new or upgraded production environment.


The operation phase defines the activities required to close projects, contribute to support after deployment, and hand-over of the solution and knowledge to the client.

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