Let an ERP-expert check-in at your company

It is in our DNA that technical skills and business sense comes hand in hand. That is why, our consultants have a very deep technical understanding.

It is also why our developers are hardcore business-savvies, who knows what is good for your bottom-line.

With SolutionHouse as your business partner, you don’t have to say things twice.

No intermediaries
Our people know what they’re doing

Behind every member is a strong team, each with their own strong competencies. We know exactly what we should discuss with our colleagues.

Your personal contact has exceptional resources in their back pocket because we don’t waste time. From start to finish, our developers have a deep insight into your project so that you are sure to get the best possible results.

This means you can be sure no-matter if you need better utilization of an older Microsoft AX-solution or strategic application of Microsoft Dynamic 365 FO – our crazy talented ERP-specialist have enough experience and knowledge to create the right solution for you.

We have helped international companies grow


The world of design meets the world of IT

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