Three organization integrated

on one common IT-platform

SAMSON AGRO is an international producer of agriculture solutions to distribution of organic fertilizer. The organization has approximately 225 employees.

SAMSON AGRO wanted to integrate two new brought businesses in France and Poland, with the Danish organization’s existing AX2009 IT-platform. The largest challenges were to emerge three businesses into one, both in process and technical solutions.

The starting point was to create an iterative implementation phase, where we with the perspective of defined limits and borders ended up with the most intelligent solutions.



Alongside with SAMSON AGRO, we analyzed the possibilities to integrate the three organizations on the already existing platform. A team was established, both with partners from France and Poland, to lift the organizations into the common platform, in respect of locale legislation.

The AX2009 system runs on only one application, where there both develops common solutions for the three organizations and also technical solutions, each specific organization.

  • The first assignment was to make establish a roadmap for the whole process. Then, a plan to deploy the production in an interplay, where the AX2009 system and the application integrates with the organization’s master data.

“SolutionHouse is a great sounding board, who understands to cooperate towards a common goal. They both have an understanding and insight in the job of establishing IT in other countries.”

– Karl Tholstrup, Koncern CFO, SAMSON AGRO


We have had a specific focus on creating alignments, with the merger of the three organizations into one system, where both good ideas from one organization, can be used by the other organizations, where it makes sense.
Furthermore, it has been an important part of the development-process to secure that the solutions do not interrupt the daily working practice at the other organizations. The implantation must be done in controlled phases, so everything can be handled in a natural alignment with the day-to-day business.

“We receive useful recommendations, which makes us capable of making important decisions in an early stage of the process. With the help from SolutionHouse, we have discovered which technical solutions we can use, and in which order, these should be handled.”

– Karl Tholstrup, Koncern CFO, SAMSON AGRO

Founded in 1968

+1200 employees

XXX in revenue

3 offices in Denmark

Uses AX2009 at the moment

Present in Scandinavia

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