On the way to something better
Migration creates growth

Bolia is an international design and furniturebusiness – one of the untraditional ones.

Sustainability and design are the turning point in the organization, who always are on the way towards something better.

Naturally, this makes large demands of the IT- solutions. SolutionHouse is behind the migration from Microsoft Dynamics AX to Microsoft Dynamics 365 FO.

As an international business in growth, Bolia wanted to support the growth strategy; hereby focus on customer service and E-commerce.

This was the reason why the reimplementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 FO was the right choice to make in order to get a new and modern solution.


Alongside with Bolia and other suppliers, SolutionHouse has established Microsoft Dynamics 365 FO in Azure.

  • A migration of prices, warehouse and other master data to the new solution.
  • Phase-out of earlier AX2009 systems, while the new system starts being used.
  • Project management on sub assignments.
  • Development of payment-solutions for the e-commerce strategy.
  • Intern advisor for Bolia in relation to external co-operations.

”Det var vigtigt at vælge en leverandør, som kunne være sparringspartner, en god håndværker og ikke mindst pålidelig.
Derfor valgte vi SolutionHouse.”

Adam Svendsen, Global CIO, Bolia


Bolia does now have a Dynamics 365 FO-solution, which support their business in all ways. Right from flexibility in the Cloud to support of difficult processes in the warehouse, in logistics and not at least, e-commerce. Now Bolia is ready to use the new technologies, which can make huge business-based advances.

”Vi har arbejdet tæt sammen; skulder ved skulder hele vejen gennem processen. Med viden og rådgivning fra SolutionHouse er det lykkedes os at få en fremtidssikret løsning, der understøtter vores forretning.”

Adam Svendsen, Global CIO, Bolia

Established in 2000

+300 employees

+850m DDK in revenue

Represented in all of Europe

+30 stores in Scandinavia

Next stop is Cloud based Dynamics 365

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