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SolutionHouse is a strong team of very experienced people who has visited every destination of the IT-journey. Our DNA is therefore made up of bits and bytes and we have long since committed all the rookie mistakes.

You can relax with us at the wheel – we bring experience, knowledge and knowhow to the table. Whether it is inventory management, financial management or something else, with us you can always expect strong and valuable solutions, where you get value for money.

We know what we are talking about, which is why you might sometimes experience us saying: “No, that is actually a bad idea.”

Because counter play is necessary to reach a really good solution. That is who we are – completely uncomplicated.

Then to the formal part:

SolutionHouse is a Danish, owner-managed company established in 2010 by Niels Erik Petersen. Due to the rapid company growth, the partners Jens Thrane, Nicolai Aistrup Pedersen and Søren Nielsen stepped in. In addition, new employees are continuously added, both to our Danish and Dutch departments.

What makes us

We understand your business

The direct contact with our clients results in a lot of questions before we start the programming itself. It is important to completely understand the challenges before starting the development and implementation.

Innovation & Development

Our counseling is the sum of all the knowledge that the IT-specialist at SolutionHouse has specialisted in for decades. It is actually hard to keep something just for yourself, as everyone are curios, wants to expand their knowledge, keep an eye on new products, and keep tabs on what is going on.

Talented specialists

SolutionHouse is filled with dedicated IT-specialist who view IT as a tool, and not as the goal of the development of your company’s business. We help you implement exactly the system solution that creates the best and most efficient operation in every aspect.

We know we can do that.

International business

Our clients are international, and naturally so are we.

Take for example the case about SAMSON AGROwho we helped merge three companies from Denmark, Poland, and France.

We have a strong international network that we closely collaborate with, and in 2018 we established a self-sufficient department in the Netherlands, to serve our European customers even better.

How we work

We aim to work as agile as possible within our agility framework. This ensures that our goals are met with more or less fixed boundaries as needed.

We attach great importance to high technical knowledge, development and involvement in the alignment of expectations with the client, before we start a task. We range widely from small deliveries arranged ad hoc with the responsible users in an operation organization, to project deliverances with smaller or larger requirements, to the coordination across organizational confines. With a natural starting point in Microsoft Surestep © and many years of experience in the ERP-industry, we manage to scale and adjust our delivery model to each individual project. The workflow spans from Agile/Scrum to Waterfall onsite or offsite with the option to combine as needed.

We use SCRUM

We use SCRUM because the method is agile and help change how organizations ‘centrifuge results’ in increasing complexity. SCRUM gives structure as you work with shifting requirements, technologies and tools that are more or less perfect.

At SolutionHouse we are certified SCRUM Masters, and are experienced in using the method for project management that involves both the company’s employees, as well as us, as IT-specialists. The model emphasizes collaboration, interaction and adjustment to change, instead of detailed documentation and long contract negotiations.

SCRUM opens the possibility to deliver smaller deliveries at shorter intervals – this increases the chance that the desired end target is reached with aligned expectations. The SCRUM method keeps stakeholders well-informed, and ensures that the all project participants are at ease, so they can achieve as strong a focus as possible. Moreover, our clients are heavily involved, which further helps the team understand what is required to reach the set goals. Together we will reach a state that is permeated with the principle of constant improvement.

We are seasoned and cannot be bothered with nonsense. This means we insist of being close to your company – and have fun in the meantime. In the collaboration, you will feel that we care a lot about contagious job satisfaction. And also, about yours and our well-being. We know that IT can contribute to healthy work environments, and that is what we create – also for your company.

Occasionally, we let in some younger people in SolutionHouse. The ones who are really talented, brings new perspective and ensure that our experience does not get too dusty. Together we create a strong IT-environment, combined with a sky-high business sense.

We want to be your friend

It is important for us to be close with our clients and partners, because we spend a lot of time together.

We want to have fun

Job satisfaction and good humor should be a part of daily life, and we will do our best to infect you with it.

We dare to be vulnerable

We believe in close relations. Therefore, we dare to make ourselves dependent on our clients and partners.

We want to contribute to mental health

Things sometimes move fast in our industry. In our projects, we try to eliminate uncertainty, and make a positive difference with a large focus on well-being.

We insist on freedom

Many roads lead to a goal. That is why we make room for the individual’s path.

We want to be respectful

Respect is essential to us. We want to openly listen and include other people’s opinions and experiences.


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